Osteopathic Treatment

osteopathic medicine bostonOsteopathic treatments are a form of manual medicine. Osteopathic physicians are trained to use their hands to evaluate, diagnose and treat different conditions with a focus on bringing balance to the tissues of your body. The osteopath perfoms a detailed musculoskeletal system; checking for assymetries, tension, tenderness, and restriction of motion of different bones and muscles of the body.

Depending on the area of the body or the dysfunction he/she is treating, the physician may choose from a number of different treatment techniques. Some techniques are very suttle; where there is slight traction/pressure placed over a specific part of the body. Other techniques use more movement and force. There are numerous ways for the physician to develop a treatment plan using techniques that suit your body; if you know your body does not respond well to a certain technique, the physician can always accommodate.

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Some osteopathic techniques include:

Cranial Osteopathy

DSC_0287This hands on osteopathic treatment entails working with the cerebrospinal fluid and ‘primary respiratory mechanism’ through gentle touch and pressure. ‘Primary respiratory mechanism’ refers to the inherent movement and energy that flows through living organisms.

Myofacial Release

Boston osteopathic doctorThis hands on osteopathic treatment entails working with the fascia (the layer of connective tissue that encompasses muscles and nerves) to release any tension in the tissue.

High Velocity/Low Amplitude (Spinal Adjustments)

neck and back pain boston osteopathyThis hands on treatment involves a short thrust by the physician to gentle re-align a particular segment of the spinal column.

Balanced Ligamentous Tension

boston osteopathic doctorThis hands on osteopathic treatment involves the physician gently balancing the ligaments and tissue connecting joints via distraction and compressive forces.

Muscle Energy

osteopathic treatment in bostonThis is a hands on osteopathic treatment in which the patient’s muscles are actively used on request, from a precisely controlled position, in a specific direction, and against a distinctly executed physician counterforce.


neck and back pain osteopathyThis hands on osteopathic treatment involves the physician finding a muscle or tissue tender point. She/he then places your body in a precise position to relax the tender point and dissolve the strain reflex. The pain stimuli is removed and the tissue re-balances which in turn decreases or eliminates the initial tender point.

Osteopathic Treatment

osteopathic treatment neck pain back pain

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Osteopathic Medicine

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