What to Expect at Your First Visit

boston osteopathic treatmentWhat should you expect when coming to Complete Osteopathy for your initial visit?

After you set up your appointment, you will be contacted by a staff member to confirm your appointment and answer any of your questions. A welcome packet with intake forms will be emailed to you for your completion prior to the visit. If you are unable to complete the intake forms at home, there will be copies available upon your arrival. The first visit is typically one hour long and it is a good idea to wear loose-fit comfortable clothing. Dr. Lowney will review your intake form and perform a very detailed history and physical exam. He then will discuss treatment options and what osteopathic treatment can offer you.

The treatment involves an osteopathic musculoskeletal evaluation: Dr. Lowney will place his hands on different landmarks on your body, different muscles and different joints depending on what your condition is that he is treating. Using his hands he will palpate your musculoskeletal system to find somatic dysfunction: asymmetries, muscle tension, swelling, restriction of motion, tenderness, and tissue texture change. He then will use a variety of different hands on osteopathic treatments to alleviate the dysfunctions. Depending on your conditions, the treatments may involve gentle tension on certain muscle groups or possible spinal adjustments. Dr. Lowney is a firm believer that each person is unique and what works for another person may not work for you. If there are certain treatments that you know your body does not respond to well, then Dr. Lowney will use a different technique.

After the treatment, Dr. Lowney will typically show you some exercises, or give some advice on helping your body to obtain the best response from the treatment.  Most people generally feel better at the conclusion of the treatment; however with certain techniques or certain conditions, some people may feel sore for up to 48 hrs.

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